Clear auto glass is pivotal to ensuring safety and comfort during your drives. At EW Windscreens in Melbourne, we’re dedicated to helping you maintain optimal visibility and protection through your windshield and windows. This guide explores various threats to your auto window and provides valuable tips to prevent damage to auto glass, guaranteeing safe and enjoyable journeys ahead.

Extreme Temperatures: The Silent Threat to Your Auto Glass

You might not realise it, but those scorching summer days and chilly winter nights can be tough on your auto glass. Extreme temperatures can lead to stress cracks, especially if your glass has minor damage already. Here are some simple preventive measures for auto glass to keep in mind:

  • Use sunshades during hot days.
  • Try to park in shaded or covered areas.
  • Avoid pouring hot water on icy windshields in winter.

Poor Installation: A Recipe for Disaster

A windshield that’s not fitted correctly is like a too loose helmet. It just won’t do the job when it matters. That’s why going with professionals is crucial for any installation or repair. We ensure everything’s sealed tight and right, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or wobbles.

Low-Quality Glass: Cutting Corners Comes at a Cost

Opting for cheap, low-quality glass might save a few bucks now, but it can cost more down the line. Inferior glass can crack more easily and might not protect you as well in an accident. Always choose high-quality, industry-approved glass for repairs and replacements. It’s worth it for the peace of mind and safety.

Harsh Cleaners: Cleaning Mistakes That Can Cause Damage

We all want our car glass to sparkle, but using the wrong cleaners or scrubbing too hard can cause windshield damage or weaken the glass. Here’s how to keep it spotless safely:

  • Stick to cleaners approved for auto glass
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth to avoid scratches
  • Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the glass and its tint

Dodging Other Glass Hazards

It’s not what we do or don’t do; sometimes, what’s out there causes windshield damage. Road debris, unexpected impacts and plain old neglect can take a toll on your auto glass. Keep an eye out for chips or cracks and get them fixed pronto. Regular checks and maintenance can save you a lot of hassle.

Need a Hand with Your Auto Glass Maintenance?

Whether you need a repair, replacement or just some advice on auto glass maintenance, we’re here to help. Give us a call on 03 8691 5526 or fill out our online contact form.

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