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Whether you are doing a restoration of something beautiful and old, driving something sleek and highly specialised, rumbling around in a truck, doing the heavy jobs in machinery or giving the everyday car you love some attention, we are the team to get your glass shiny and new again.

EW Windscreens opened its doors in 2002. We recognised the value in the business and the opportunity to provide an important service in the car industry. The down to earth service and pricing provided by EW Windscreens has been the catalyst for the growth we have experienced. We help with all forms of auto glass tinting, repairs, reseals and replacements.

We only use quality glass meeting Australian and International standards, so we are confident when you drive away, we have provided the best of the best for you. We have an expert team of fitters and repairers with many years of experience in the industry. They are efficient! They are not only fast, but they are careful and aware of the importance of the end result you require.

We are based in Dandenong, but we also have a fleet of vans which are mobile across Melbourne. So if you can’t come to us, let us know and we will be happy to come to you.

Call us on 03 9792 1997 and book in to have your auto glass worries disappear!









What’s Our Clients Say?

Peter Hoffman
Peter Hoffman
Very efficient service at good prices. I was very happy
Thank you for such prompt & friendly service. I had a work vehicle that needed a windshield replacement & they went above and beyond to make it happen! Rain, hail or shine. Super friendly & polite, I would 100% reccomend!
Stephanie Ryan
Stephanie Ryan
Great service, fast, professional and do a great job
Nessy R
Nessy R
Wonderful service over the phone and in person. I got there 20mins early and they did my car straight away. Was told it would be an hour when I booked, but it was only around 30mins! The pricing was very reasonable and windscreen looks great. Thanks so much!
Kevin Kearns
Kevin Kearns
These guys are everything that you want in the service that they provide. They are well priced, well equipped, knowledgeable and prompt on call outs. Great to chat to.Spoke with jamie on phone, Operator he sent was very helpful, Will definitely use them again.This job was arranged and done threw Seaford Branch,
Narges Rezaie
Narges Rezaie
Had a great experience with Madi today, truly helpful, kind with great customer service. The repairment was quick and easy. Would recommend.
Good price, good service!
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Why Choose Us?

In Factory Repairs

Our factory is located in the hub of Dandenong, where we are an easy drive from most areas of the eastern and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We stock a huge range of auto glass in our factory, but if for some reason we don’t have what you need, we can do a special order and make sure we get it for you.

We also have the new state of the art Windscreen Camera Calibration technology system in our work shop. Calibration is not only for after a windscreen replacement. To ensure it’s accuracy it is a factory requirement for the camera to be recalibrated if your car has undergone accident repairs, suspension work, a wheel alignment or any work which may have adjusted the positioning or height of the vehicle. So even if you are not having work done on your auto glass, you can book in for calibration with us.

We Come To You

We recognise, life is busy and you can’t always make it to our factory to have the work done you need, so we come to you!

We have a fleet of vans fully fitted out and ready to get on the road to repair or replace any of your auto glass requirements.

Our team of mobile fitters are all well qualified with years of experience in the industry. You can be assured the work will be done efficiently and professionally.

Competitive Pricing

EW Windscreens is an independently owned and operated business, which means we are not paying franchise fees and not tied top pricing structures and policies of big franchise operations.

We use this independence to ensure you are not only getting amazing and efficient service, but also to keep our prices competitive. We research suppliers in the marketplace to ensure we are gaining the best wholesale prices on all of our glass and the savings we make, we pass on to you.

We make sure our equipment is modern and well maintained so we know we are doing our job efficiently, which means you save money and time. We track trends and look for new innovations to make sure our fitters are at the forefront of changes which occur with the release of new vehicles and technology. If we are at the head of the game, you know your money is being well spent. We work hard at being competitive and we succeed!


We make sure everything is on track for you to be back on the road as fast as we possibly can!

We can’t imagine there is ever a time when glass repairs on your vehicle are convenient and when it involves insurance companies, you want someone on your side who will ensure communications are open at all times to ensure the process is as smooth sailing as possible.

Highly Skilled Team

We track trends and look for new innovations to make sure they are at the forefront of changes which occur with the release of new vehicles and technology.

we make sure our fitters are extensively trained and have the necessary knowledge and experience to perform their work according to our best practice procedures.
We know they are good and we stake our reputation on them every day! As a matter of fact, our confidence in them is so high we will give you a lifetime guarantee on their workmanship.

You want quality fitters to look after your glass, because if it’s not repaired or fitted correctly it is just plain dangerous. We know when you choose us you are in the best hands.

Experts in Luxury Vehicles

Experts in Luxury Vehicles & Restorations.

When you own the luxury vehicle you always dreamed of owning, you don’t want to take any chances on the company which handles your auto glass requirements. Whether it is your windscreen or other sections of glass, you can be assured Roy’s Windscreens has the knowledge, skills and equipment to do the job with the professionalism you deserve.

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