A small crack in a windshield can quickly turn into a larger, more problematic issue if not addressed promptly. While it’s always best to consult a professional for repair or replacement, there are temporary measures you can take to prevent a windshield crack from spreading until you can schedule an appointment in Melbourne.

In this blog post, EW Windscreens explores DIY methods to stop a cracked windscreen from spreading.

Temporary Measures to Stop the Spreading:

  1. Clean the area: If you notice a cracked windshield, the first step is to clean the area with a soft cloth and mild soap to remove any dirt, debris or grease. Be gentle to avoid causing further damage.
  2. Apply clear nail polish or super glue: As a temporary fix, you can apply clear nail polish or super glue to the small crack in a windshield. This helps seal the crack and prevents it from spreading. Apply a thin adhesive layer on the windshield’s inside and outside, allowing it to dry.
  3. Use a windshield repair kit: Purchase a temporary windshield repair kit from an auto parts store. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the resin, which can help prevent the windshield crack from spreading. Remember that this is a temporary solution; a professional repair is still necessary.
  4. Avoid extreme temperatures: Sudden temperature changes can cause a windshield crack to expand. Try parking your vehicle in the shade or garage to minimise temperature fluctuations.
  5. Be cautious while driving: Avoid driving on rough roads or making sudden stops, as the vibrations can cause the crack to spread. Drive cautiously until you can professionally repair or replace the small crack in a windshield.

Importance of Professional Repair or Replacement

While the above methods can help prevent a windshield crack from spreading, seeking professional help for a permanent solution is crucial. Here’s why you should visit a professional like EW Windscreens for your repair or replacement:

  1. Expertise: Our professionals have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to assess the damage and provide the most suitable repair or replacement option for a cracked windshield.
  2. Quality materials and tools: Professionals use high-quality materials and advanced tools to ensure a lasting repair or replacement that DIY methods cannot guarantee.
  3. Safety: A properly repaired or replaced windshield is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of your vehicle. Professionals ensure that the repair or replacement is done safely and correctly.
  4. Warranty: Professional repair or replacement services often come with a warranty, providing peace of mind if the crack reappears or spreads.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

While temporary measures can help prevent a windshield crack from spreading, consulting a professional for a permanent solution is essential.

Don’t let a windshield crack compromise your safety. Contact EW Windscreens today to schedule an appointment in Melbourne and experience exceptional services.

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